Quite honestly, I cannot believe we are already at week 8 of the challenge. But let me tell you I am thoroughly please with the end result!

Let’s being with a walk down memory lane, starting with the exterior. We had not addressed the exterior of the home at all, but once we decided to replace the windows and doors we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spruce up the rest of the exterior as well.

The interior entryway was pretty drab as well, but the goal was to bring the drama in.

And here are the afters. My goal with the exterior was to modernize the look of our 90’s home through paint and plantings.

The entryway is not only tight but also gets the full blazing afternoon sun. And here in California’s Central Valley, those summertime temps reach 100° and above, so finding plants that can withstand the heat/drought were essential. I went with a faux tree at the front door.)

Now, let’s step into my favorite space, the interior entryway.

Thank you to the ORC and participants for giving me the inspiration to start and the push to keep going until I reached the finish line! Let’s take one last look.


See you in the fall… well, maybe.

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Till next time…


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