We are back for week two of the One Room Challenge. To be honest with you, none of the dirty work has started, however a lot is still happening behind the scenes. We’ll get more into that in a moment, right now I want to share my design boards with you.

Let’s start with the exterior of our home. The paint job that was applied prior to our purchasing the home was subpar at best and since we are getting the windows replaced, it seemed like the perfect time to give the paint a refresh.

While the design board shows the entire home, my focus for the challenge is the walkway to the door. The new paint color with have an amazing impact on its own, now add in new lightings and fresh plants and we will be on to something good!

Lets step inside to the interior entryway… this is where the drama is.

I’m a sucker for the traditional design of millwork, but I want to update it with modern lighting and transitional furnishings. Keeping the interior walls light provides a great contrast to the more saturated color on the body of the house. I’m loving were this is going and cannot wait to see it come to life.  

Speaking of bringing it to life let’s talk about what been happening behind the scenes. Tons has happened in the way of scheduling and ordering… buuuuuuut let’s not discuss the supply chain m’kay because… ugh!

Exterior To Do:

  • New Windows/Doors – Install Schedule
  • Exterior Paint – Contractor Scheduled
  • New Lighting – Ordered & Received
  • Door Hardware – Ordered & Received
  • Landscaping – Plans Finalized (Not Ordered)
  • Planter Pots – Need to Finalize

Interior To Do:

  • New Chandelier – Ordered (Not Received)
  • New Sconces – Sourced (Not Ordered)
  • Paint – Color Selected 
  • Entry Rug – Sourced (Not Ordered)
  • Artwork – Sourced (Not Ordered)
  • Console – DIY
  • Millwork – Plan Finalized
  • Decor Items

Yikes! That seems like a lot… and I only have 7 weeks left to go.  Let me stop typing and get to work. If you would like to see the other participant and their spaces, you can check them out here.

Till next week…



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