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To Be Uncluttered: Not filled or covered with unnecessary things.

At The Uncluttered Lifestyle, we don’t want to rewrite the way you go about your daily routines. Instead, we strive to create organizational systems that streamline your daily life and allow you to focus on your priorities. Which in turn, gives you the ability to plan ahead and leads to calmer way of life.

So happy you are here!

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here!

Are you ready to declutter and begin living The Uncluttered Lifestyle?


 Wouldn’t you agree that we live in a world that is cluttered with opinions, ideas, and thoughts on what we should and should not do?  At the end of the day, it can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, and sometimes frustrated.  This all has a tendency to filter down and affect our everyday life, making even the most insignificant task difficult.

I’ve found that when we are overwhelmed emotionally; it can lead to a physical manifestation within our homes.  This is often reflected by clutter and disorganization. The purpose of The Uncluttered Lifestyle is to act as a reset by teaching you creative ways to organize your life.  In doing so, over time you regain control, function more efficiently, and create a healthy and peaceful environment within your home.

I’m, Iesha – your personal assistant

How many times have you made the statement, “I could use an assistant” ?

As a wife, mom, and business owner, I am completely aware that life can be busy and hectic.  It’s easy for us to lose sight of the most important things in our life, while we are trying to take care of the mundane tasks.  I remember the days of longing for an assistant that could help with the time-consuming tasks.

The goal of starting The Uncluttered Lifestyle was to bring my administrative experience and love of organization to you in your space.  I truly believe when we unclutter and establish the right systems, we are able to thrive and focus on the more important things in our life.

I am your personal assistant because I can help with everything from time-management to organizing your spices.  My goal is help achieve the life you want to live. 

Our offerings


We have a variety of services to suit your needs.  Whether you are a single mom looking to bring some order to the playroom or a small business entrepreneur looking to bring some order to your day, we are here to assist you.

Home Organization

If you in need assistance creating a routine for your day or creating order in your playroom, we are here to bring order to your home. 

Business Organization

From setting up a filing system to setting up an entire office, we are able to get your small business organized.

Virtual Assistant

Need help with scheduling, travel arrangements, or general administrative tasks that keep home and/or business running smoothly? We would love to assist you.

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A little bit of love….

What they are saying…

A little bit of love….

Laura D.

“… the opportunity to work with Mrs. Williams and her firm was met with fine results. Our real estate property management team, farming operation, and our offices benefited immensely from the projects completed by Mrs. Williams.”

A little bit of love….

Victoria B.

Iesha exceeded delivery of work. She was indispensable in creation of business routines and managing scheduling conflicts. She played a critical role in our paper reduction project by helping to reduce and digitize paper files by 60%.  

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